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I have decided to go back to my original blog address and platform with blogspot – sorry for the long time no blog and all the mucking about – go re-visit the original!



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Exactly the same as a lot of other people today, not wishing to give any exposure to what could be a publicity stunt…it’s too bizzare to ignore!

Y’all know the band TERRORIZER right? Of course you do. Formed in ’86 and spawning musicians that ended up in Morbid Angel, Nausea and Napalm Death. One of the early grind/death metal bands, pretty legendary!

Well, they have a new album coming out called “Horde Of Zombies” and….due to one riff and the cover art it’s going to court. They are being sued by a band called COLLAPSE, or rather their label Forward Regression (who seem to only have Collapse on their label so far).

Ask any fan of the extreme about COLLAPSE:

But mention TERRORIZER:


Yeah…so what’s this all about? Well here is the statement from the record label:

“It is our opinion that in the song Terrorizer ‘Subterfuge’ one of the main guitar riffs starting at appx. 0:28 Seconds until 0:45 Seconds and again later in the song are lifted directly from the song Collapse – Mechanisms of Oppression at appx 1:48 in the song. Our song was released in 2008 and re-recorded and released again in August 2011.

“As well, the cover artwork for the album resembles our album Collapse – Sustainability. With the Moon in background, with destroyed buildings, and destroyed automobile in the foreground. This will be used in our lawsuit to prove in our opinion that they have blatantly copied our material.”

“If this were a publicity stunt, it is Season of Mist and Terrorizer not Collapse and Forward Regression who are creating the controversy. By coping our album art and lifting riffs directly off our album.”

Well you have a listen yourself:

Collapse – Mechanisms of Oppression

Terrorizer – Subterfuge

You’ll probably notice the same thing as me. They don’t sound the same at all and is in no way a rip off. They might be similar but I could mention 1000 other riffs that were also similar. Since Terrorizer are one of the originals of the genre…..

The other thing was the album covers, well again, judge for yourself.

The complaint was the moon and the rined buildings….how many other album covers have this on anyway!?!? I think one of the best comments I read about this was that the COLLAPSE cover looks like someone drew it on their maths book while bored in class.

Lets see where this lawsuit goes eh!


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Just watching the new version of FRIGHT NIGHT – very good film so far, I very much liked the original/s and this is kinda the same thing and plot but a bit more updated of course, pretty cool to see a vampire movie in this style (again).

But Peter Vincent…..this!

Had that air of “where do I know him from? And that voice?”

Well, that’s because….

One should never have to hear Doctor Who say “fuck”…..


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With a week off from school there has not been much to do.


Shut up brain. So I have been mostly enjoying a shit load of films and music. For a start I dug out all my old thrash records, it’s not that I don’t enjoy a regular dose of thrash but I just thought that some of the less explored ones needed some re-examination. The first couple of TESTAMENT, EXODUS and SLAYER records have been getting a total spin. I had forgotten totally about the first Slayer album

Wonderful cover right! I had this as a backpatch on my bomber jacket in school. It’s hard to set them apart from any of the other black/thrash bands of the time actually, certainly a treat. But of course the real treat comes on Hell Awaits which totally sees a pick up in speed and design and then of course Reign In Blood and need I say more! But yeah, a treat going over these albums again and listening with fresh ears, especially Testament who for my money were far too good to be so left behind.

So onto the films! John Carpenters “The Ward” was a good shocker, shitty ending though but it’s good to see that he can still bang them out. Red State was a bit of a twist, especially for Kevin Smith – a great movie if not a little odd, if you’ve seen it it’s worth seeking out the original ending for the film which would have thrown it totally out of the ball park.

Apollo 18 was a good waste of time, in a good way. But my real treat was with the film HESHER

I actually watched it twice in one day, the firist time was “what the fuck was that?” but the second time round was instant like. A total “nothing” film with a heavy metal slacker as the anti-hero (apparently “hesher” is a word for a rocker in some parts, I never knew that!) and a soundtrack made up of just Metallica and one Motorhead song. It goes nowhere really but it’s a fun ride. Worth looking into!


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Tonight I will spending Valentines Day with my life’s one true love.

True story.

I think I must be one of the only “hardcore” Star Wars fans (I saw Empire in the cinema, the first time round!) that isn’t against the prequals or the remastered editions. Truly I love them, totally ok with me! Can’t wait to see it on Blu-Ray, but that’s gonna be a while as I’m in no hurry to get hold of a player just because of that, although that is why I won a DVD player….bought one when they released Star Wars on DVD.

True Story.

But Star Wars in 3D on the big screen….enjoy this very much, I will.

Now when I were a lad and all of this was fields – the grown ups of the day would tut and shake their heads if we kids watched to much TV or films.

Books! They were the inteligent choice! And I read books, and I watched TV and films, but must importantly, I read books, many of them.

The attention span needed to read a book was something to be seen as morally good. Now, is it just me or is today’s version the attention span to watch a film?

Next time you are with people watching a movie, see how many times they play with their phone, or go onto the internet. If they can make it through a whole film without doing so…..they have the skillz!

UTB….Ultimate Taser Ball. The “Future Of Sport”. This really is some grade A “Gamer” or “Running Man” shit!

Kinda like American Football but with a huge oversized ball, two teams of 4 and each player gets….you got it, a taser in order to zap with other team members out of action from time to time.

…and they laughed at Edison.